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Revolutionize Your Writing and Product Selection with AI Technology

Premium WordPress plugin to make your writing faster and easier with our AI tools

Find the right product faster with our AI product selector.


Moredeal AI Writer for Creating

Moredeal AI Wirter is a wordpress plugin for AI writing. It is a one-stop solution for generating marketing copy with AI. It has hundreds of ready-to-use templates for different content types, from blog, social media profiles to eCommerce product descriptions.

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Powerful Features

Custom Template

Users can create custom templates and upload them to our marketplace. Template creators can earn profits when other users use their templates.

Template Market

We provide a lot of templates that will allow you generate any text within seconds.You can also create your own templates to meet your specific needs.

Writing Copilot

Users can directly use translation, paraphrasing, expansion, continuation, summarization, and table generation features in the WP toolbar.

AI ChatBot

You can customize a chatbot so that your users can easily search for articles, query content, find products, and get website introductions on your website.


AI Product Selection Strategy with Moredeal

Moredeal is an AI product selection tool, use our AI product selection strategy to find products more efficiently and accurately. You can modify the criteria when searching for products according to your requirements.

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