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Increase Blog Revenue via AI
Product Selection Strategy

Monetize your WordPress content and greatly increase revenue in a short time

Diversified Database

Collect the best sellers on Amazon and gather
hot items on deal websites, SNS platforms & professional reviews. Products exceed 200K.

Sufficient Information

Display product image, price, sales count,
rating, review and rank. We also provide a
comprehensive indicator for reference.

Auto Update

The prices and stocks will be updated
automatically. You can also set the
automatic update time as requirement.

Hot Search

Collect the hot keywords from amazon and google.Help you find niche producs more quickly.

Affiliate Links

Select the searching products and affiliate
links will be generated. Just copy and paste
the designated short code in your blog.

Display Templates

You can modify the product title,
select different templates to display
products and keep outstanding.

Product Strategy

Use our AI product selection strategies to find items more efficiently and accurately. The conditions can be modified when searching products as per your requirements.

Convenient Search

Search products via keywords or Amazon ASIN and find the best items via product search filter function. You can filter products through rating, reviews, prices and so on.

Born for Creators

Perfect tool for blog content creators and help them select
recommended products more conveniently.

Improving Efficiency

Greatly improve product selection efficiency for both blog creators and affiliates, help them monetize their content.

Trial for Free

We provide 40 times per month free search. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us. We value every feedback!

“I choose this plugin because it has rich products. It can not only display the hot products on Amazon, but also provide the latest deal products and reviewed products. It is very prefect for the beginner of the blog that don`t know how to choose the products.”


“Different from other plugins, it can not only display the product information, picture, price, inventory, reviews, and rating, but also display the sales count and ranking of the product. You can also filter products through various labels. I think it`s the best amazon affiliate plugin.”


“The design, features and performance are outstanding!Product strategy is very convenient for us to quickly find products. You can also customize your commonly used strategies. You don’t need to select tag search every time.I love it.”