80 Most Useful ChatGPT Prompts That You Can’t Miss in 2023

    If you’re looking for the latest products and helpful prompts made with ChatGPT, this list is a great resource. With ChatGPT, you can generate creative and engaging prompts that will help you come up with fresh ideas and keep your conversations interesting. Whether you’re a writer, a marketer, or just looking for some inspiration, this list will provide you with a wide range of options to choose from.

    What is a prompt?

    A prompt is a short statement or question used to generate results. The results can be images, text, videos, and Figma screens.

    For ChatGPT, a prompt is a short text used as a starting point for creating text. The text can be anything from a question to a statement to a request for information. By following the prompt, ChatGPT can generate text relevant to the topic.

    Let’s say you want to write a product description for a new app that helps young people manage their salaries. You can provide a prompt to ChatGPT, such as:

    “Write a short product description for a new app that helps young people manage their salaries by tracking expenses and providing budgeting tips.”

    With this prompt, ChatGPT will generate a product description based on the information provided in the prompt. The more information you provide in the prompt, the more accurate the results. For example, if you write the app’s main features, the results will be more accurate for your app.

    And if you want to see what the results of the prompt are, here it is:

    The basic idea of how to write great prompts

    When we write a text to ChatGPT, we want the results to be the most accurate to our desired results. To explain to ChatGPT what we want it to do for us, we need to write a very clear prompt.

    I’ll try to illustrate it. Imagine that you are working with a designer, and you ask them to create a screen in Figma with your vision of a new app. The idea of the app is to explain to people how to cook. You can say like this:

    1. Can you create an app that explains to people how to cook?
    2. Could you make an app for the iOS platform that explains how to cook? Our main users will be teenagers who want to study cooking.
    3. Can you create an app that explains how to cook to people? Our main audience will be teenagers who wish to learn cooking. We will start with an iOS app. The recipes will be written in text, include some videos, and allow users to list the ingredients they need to buy. The UI should be simple.

    The third example is the most explicit, so the designer will be able to draw the vision more accurately. This is similar to prompts. The more detailed they are, the more accurate your results will be.

    One important thing: ChatGPT cannot provide 100% accurate results even with excellent prompts. You will have to tweak the results manually and make adjustments until you are satisfied with them.

    Let’s see some ideas that will help you to write great prompts and get excellent results.

    ChatGPT prompts for Marketing

    1. Write a minute-long script for an advertisement about [product or service or company]
    2. Write a product description for my [product or service or company]
    3. Suggest inexpensive ways I can promote my [company] with/without using [Media channel]
    4. How can I obtain high-quality backlinks to raise the SEO of [Website name]
    5. Create a [social media] campaign plan for launching an [your product], aimed at [ Your target audience]
    6. Analyze these below metrics to improve email open rates for a fashion brand <paste metrics>
    7. Write follow-up emails to people who attended my [webinar topic] webinar
    8. Structure a weekly [newsletter topic] newsletter
    9. Make a post showcasing the benefits of using our product [product name] for [specific problem/issue].
    10. Generate 5 creative ways to use Instagram Reels for [your product or service or company]
    11. Create a social media post that targets [the specific audience] and explains how our product [product name] can help them.
    12. Create a personalized email greeting for a VIP customer
    13. Write a list of 5 YouTube video ideas for [your product or company]
    14. Create two Google Ads in an RSA format (using multiple headlines and descriptions) for an A/B test for “Your product”.
    15. Write a 100-character meta description for my blog post about <topic>.

    ChatGPT prompts for Content

    1. I need help developing a lesson plan on renewable energy sources for high school students.
    2. Generate a creative social media content calendar for the next month for our [company or product] on [ topic of choice]
    3. Generate a 2-minute video script for a Facebook ad campaign promoting our new service [ Service description]
    4. Write a blog post on the [topic of your choice]
    5. Create two Google Ads in an RSA format (using multiple headlines and descriptions) for an A/B test for “your company” Explain why the ads would make a good test.
    6. Write a case study detailing <Topic of your choice>
    7. Develop an appealing and inventive screenplay for a film that can fascinate its audience. Get going by devising compelling characters, the setting of the plot, and dialogues between the characters. Once you’re done building your characters – devise a thrilling narrative full of unforeseen events to keep audiences entranced until the very finish
    8. Write a comprehensive guide to [topic].
    9. Write an email to [person] with some facts about [Topic of your choice] with a[theme of your choice]
    10. Generate a list of 5 LinkedIn articles to write for a [profession or topic of your choice]
    11. What factors should I consider when quoting for a brand deal with a candle company, and what ballpark range should I charge? The scope is to post 3 videos on TikTok, and I have 100,000 followers
    12. Provide a guide on networking and building partnerships as a small business owner
    13. Create a content calendar with six blog titles, including the keyword <paste text here>. Pick suitable publishing dates for each guide spread across May 2023.

    ChatGPT prompts for Fun

    1. Tell me a joke about [topic of your choice]
    2. Send a pun-filled happy birthday message to my friend Alex.
    3. Write a sequel/prequel about the ‘X’ movie
    4. Create a new playlist of new song names from ‘X’
    5. write a script for a movie with ‘X’ and ‘X’
    6. Explain [topic of your choice] in a funny way
    7. Give me an example of a proposal message for a girl
    8. Write a short story where an Eraser is the main character.
    9. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
    10. Make Eminem-style jokes about Max Payne.
    11. You are a text video game where you give me options ( A, B, C, D) as my choices. The scene is Narnia. I start out with 100 health.
    12. Come up with a 14-day itinerary for a trip to Germany. The first suggested attraction should be “Take a tour of the Reichstag Building in Berlin.
    13. Write a formal complaint email to United Airlines about my delayed baggage from my flight on Tuesday, January 17th, from New York to Los Angeles.
    14. Translate the following text into Portuguese: <paste text below>
    15. Write hilarious fan fiction about the Twilight saga.

    ChatGPT prompts for Healthcare and Wellbeing

    1. List eight items sold at the grocery store that are generally considered to be inexpensive, surprisingly nutritious, and underrated.
    2. Describe six effective yoga poses or stretches for back and neck pain
    3. Can you suggest some self-care activities for stress relief?
    4. What are some mindfulness exercises for reducing anxiety?
    5. Easy and beginner-friendly fitness routines for a working professional
    6. I need motivation to < achieve a specific task or goal>
    7. What are some ways to cultivate a growth mindset?
    8. I need help staying motivated at work. Can you give me advice on how to stay focused and motivated?
    9. Come up with 10 nutritious meals that can be prepared within half an hour or less.
    10. Create a 30-day exercise program that will assist me in dropping 2 lbs every week.
    11. Offer a detailed explanation of the benefits and risks of alternative medicine practices, such as acupuncture and herbal remedies.

    ChatGPT prompts for Food and Cooking

    1. Can you help me plan a week’s worth of dinner for two adults
    2. Generate a meal plan for two days and give me the shopping list
    3. I have tomato, lettuce, and broccoli. What can I prepare with them for a vegan lunch?
    4. What is an easy way to make a pasta recipe that features white sauce and mushroom?
    5. What would be a good bottle of wine to serve with Chicken roast dinner?
    6. I have only three ingredients – Onion, tomato, and spinach. Can you show me 3 meals that i can cook with these ingredients?
    7. What is a good food suggestion for someone who has had a bad day
    8. I am a vegan and I am looking for healthy dinner ideas.
    9. Can you give a dessert suggestion on a stressful day
    10. Suggest a multi-course dinner party menu with winter ingredients
    11. Write a persuasive message to a potential employer explaining my relocation for a chef role.

    ChatGPT prompts for Games (Team collaboration)

    1. Start a game of ’20 Questions.’ You can ask me yes or no questions to try and guess the word I’m thinking of. I’ll give you a hint: it’s a type of fruit.
    2. Let’s play Tic tac Toe.
    3. Let’s play word ladder.
    4. Let’s Play Mad Libs Game.
    5. Let’s play ‘Would you rather?’. I’ll give you two options and you have to choose which one you would prefer.
    6. Let’s play ‘two truths and a lie’. Give me three statements about yourself, and I’ll try to guess which one is the lie.
    7. Let’s play a game of ‘I Spy.’ I’ll give you a clue and you have to guess the object I’m thinking of. The clue is: “It’s something you wear on your feet.
    8. Make a coding challenge about artificial intelligence taking over the world.

    ChatGPT prompts for Travel and Tourism

    1. How much do I need as a tourist for X days in [Location]?
    2. Pick X cities for a Y-day trip in [location]
    3. Plan a $1500 5-day trip in Paris. Give me the itinerary
    4. Is it cheaper to go from Stockholm to Sydney or Bali?
    5. What is the most convenient airline to go from X to Y?
    6. What are the top-rated restaurants in Amsterdam with a budget of €100 per person?
    7. I want to plan a three-week backpacking trip through Europe. I have a student’s budget, and I love finding local street food and open markets. Can you suggest an itinerary for me?

    Iteration is key when writing prompt

    Don’t expect your first prompt to work perfectly. It may take some trial and error to get the results you’re looking for. Keep playing with your prompts until you get the output you desire.

    Once you have your desired output, don’t simply copy and paste it. You’ll need to adjust the output to fit your specific needs. This could involve adding or removing information, changing the formatting, or finding the right words to suit your purpose.

    Think of ChatGPT as a tool to generate ideas and inspiration rather than as a direct solution to your problem.

    Save your successful prompts

    Once you’ve found a prompt that works well for you, save it! This way, you can use it again in the future, saving you time and effort.

    To make managing my prompts even easier, I created an app in Glide to keep track of all of my prompts in one place for quick access.

    In summary

    Writing effective prompts is crucial for those who want to be more productive and efficient while working with AI tools. This can be achieved by learning the fundamentals of good writing and experimenting with different prompts styles to understand better how AI tools interpret them.

    As one of my first points, I explained what a prompt is and showed you that there are two types of prompts: information consultation and task execution. Understanding which type of prompt you are being asked is essential to provide the necessary information or executing the task effectively.

    We reviewed how to write prompts, and I explained why it is vital to include important details in the prompt to get accurate results. I showed you some tips to work better with ChatGPT, like shaping the tone of voice of a message and creating a table.

    And remember that even with excellent prompts, ChatGPT may not provide 100% accurate results, and one may have to make adjustments manually. Crafting the perfect prompt is similar to creating the perfect recipe. You have to include all the right ingredients in the right amounts and bake them together to get the desired results. Even when done correctly, some tweaking or adjustments may be needed after the fact to get the perfect final product.