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My template is a powerful tool that helps users customize their own AI-generated templates. The template allows users to easily create, edit, and manage their own templates to generate various types of content, including text, images, articles, and more. It provides users with complete autonomy, allowing them to personalize their configurations and designs according to their needs to create templates that meet their requirements. Whether you are an individual or a business user, My Templates can meet different needs and provide users with an efficient, convenient, and flexible user experience. Whether you need to generate articles, marketing copy, or other types of content, My Templates can provide reliable solutions and make your work more efficient and effortless.

My template contains four core modules: Recommend Template, Template Market, Download Template, and My Template.

Recommend Template #

The Recommend Template is basic system template types and other necessary template tools provided to users. Users can further customize and adjust them to quickly create templates that meet their requirements. The following figure shows the Recommended Template.

Here we introduce some of the basic templates we offer, which enable you to quickly get started using them.

Generate Text #

This type of template can help users quickly generate various types of copy, such as emails, ad copy, product descriptions, project summaries, content creation, SEO optimization, and more. Users can edit the suggested content according to their needs and execute it to see the results directly. Our copy generation templates use advanced natural language processing technology to generate high-quality, fluent copy, saving users the tedious writing process.

The following figure is a simple example of using the text generation feature:

Generate Images #

This type of template can help users quickly generate various types of images by simply describing them with keywords or phrases. Our image generation templates integrate the latest computer vision technology to automatically generate images that meet the user’s requirements based on the information they provide. Users can choose the size, theme, color scheme, and more to better meet their needs. In addition, we also support the generated images to be saved directly to the media library.

The following figure is a simple example of generating images:

Generate Article #

This type of template can quickly generate a rich and well-structured article based on a brief description of the user’s chosen topic. Our article generation templates use the latest natural language processing technology to generate high-quality and logical articles, saving users a lot of time and effort in writing. In addition, we also support the direct generation of articles to your article library.

The following figure is a simple example of generating articles:

In addition to the three types of recommended templates mentioned above, we will also launch more diverse template types to meet users’ needs in different scenarios and save them more time and effort. These new template types may include generating audio, video, tables, and more. We will continuously update and expand the template library to provide users with more comprehensive and diversified content generation support.

Template Market #

The Template Market is a rich and diverse template resource library created by the efforts of many users. Here, users can find templates of various types and styles, including text, images, articles, and more. These templates have been carefully designed and optimized by other users and can be downloaded and used directly or adjusted and modified according to their needs. If you want to try out templates, please check out the Template Market.

Download Template #

Download Templates are the templates that users have downloaded from the Template Marketplace. Users can use them directly or adjust and modify them according to their needs. For specific information on downloading templates, please refer to the template download.

My Template #

My Templates are templates created by users themselves. Here, users can use rich prompts and various parameter settings to fully customize templates that meet their needs, and save them in their own template library. Users can also choose to upload their templates to the Template Marketplace to share valuable ideas and inspiration with other users. For specific information on creating templates, please refer to Create My Templates.

Search My Template #

Our templates have powerful search functionality that can be filtered based on different criteria to better meet your needs. You can search for templates by name, category, and tags to more accurately find the templates you are looking for.

The following figure is an example of filtering:

That concludes our introduction to the basic features. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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