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Template Upload

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Welcome to use the Template Upload of Moredeal AI Writer, which allows you to upload your own created templates to the website and share your creativity with other users.

Below is an introduction to the Template Upload.

Template Upload: You can upload your own created templates to the Template Market, and when uploading, you need to fill in the category of the template so that other users can easily find and use your template. At the same time, you can upload an initialization result in morkdown format, which can help other users better understand the effect of your template.

Template Review: After you upload a template, our website administrator will review it to ensure that your template complies with our usage guidelines and standards. Once approved, your template will be displayed in the Template Market, and other users can view and use your template.

Template Likes: In the Template Market, other users can like templates that they are interested in, which helps to showcase the popularity of these templates and helps other users better understand which templates are more popular. At the same time, likes can also increase the exposure of templates in the Template Market, allowing more users to see and use your templates. Therefore, we encourage you to share excellent templates and actively participate in the likes activity in the Template Market, so that more people can benefit from your creativity!

Instructions for Use #

1.Open the template to be uploaded in MY TEMPLATE and click ADVANCED. (Requires upgrading the plugin to PRO version or above)


The following webpage appears:

3.Select a category from the drop-down menu, click Generate Example to generate an example, and then click Confirm to complete the upload process.

4.Template uploads to the Template Market can be viewed in the Template Market for all uploaded templates.

5. Likes and views of the template can be viewed.

That concludes our introduction to the Template Upload. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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