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How to Install and Use Moredeal AI Writer Plugin in WordPress

    Moredeal AI Writer is a writing tool that uses AI technology to generate articles, images, and query content. In addition, it features a unique template marketplace where customers can create their own templates and earn revenue from sales. Our plugin is customizable and flexible, making it easy to create engaging and informative content. Try Moredeal AI Writer today and streamline your content creation process while earning revenue from your templates.

    How to Install Moredeal AI Writer in WordPress

    1.Download “moredeal ai” Plugin to Your Computer

    2.Login to Your WordPress Dashboard

    3.Click “Plugins” + “Add New” from Left Side Menu of Dashboard

    4. Click “Upload Plugin” Button

    5. Browse “” Plugin from Your Computer and Click “Install Now”

    6. Click “Active Plugin”

    How to Use Moredeal AI Writer in WordPress

    1.Use ‘Text’ ‘Images’ ‘Article’ Template

    (1). Choose Template ‘Generate Text’
    (2). Enter the Prompt
    (3). Click ‘Generate’
    (4). Choose Template ‘Generated Images’
    (5). Enter the Prompt
    (6). Click ‘All Execution’ or ‘Generated Images’
    (7). Choose Template ‘Generated Article’
    (8). Enter the Topic, You Also can Choose the Language, Writing Style, Writing Tone
    (9). Click ‘Generate Title’, ‘Generate Sections’, ‘Generate Content’, ‘Generate Excerpt’ in Sequence or ‘All Execution’
    (10). Click ‘Create Post’ to Post the Article in WordPress

    2. Download the Template

    (1). Search the Template in the Template Market
    (2). Find the Template You Need and Download It
    (3) Find the Template You Have Downloaded
    (4). Open the Template and Enter the Variables
    (5) Click ‘Query/Prompt’ to Create Content

    3. Create ‘Text’ ‘Images’ ‘Article’ Template and Upload to the Template Market

    (1). Choose Template ‘Text’
    (2). Click the Setting to Write Prompt
    (3). Write the Prompts According to Your Needs
    (4). Add Variables and Edit the Variables
    (5). Copy the code and Click “Save” for Each Variable
    (6). Replace the Variables with Code and Save the Prompt Again
    (7). Enter the Variables and Click “Query/Prompt”
    (8). Enter the Template Name and Click “Save”, You Will See the Template in My Template
    (9). Open the Template, Find ‘ADVANCED’ and Click ‘UPLOAD TEMPLATE’
    (10). Choose the category and generate Example, Click ‘Confirm’ and Waiting for Review

    When the review is completed, you can see your template in the template market. If someone purchases it, you’ll earn revenue.Here are the steps to create a simple template.Use the image and article generation features if you want to create more. You can see the template in the templete demo. Try our plugin now and free up your hands now!