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Before you cancel your subscription, the system will automatically renew your subscription every month.

DetailBasic EditionProfessional EditionBusiness Edition
Search Times200 Times/Month200 Times/Month/Site200 Times/Month/Site
Display Templates666
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After choosing a Moredeal plan, you are fully protected by our Guarantee! If you don’t like Moredeal,we’ll happily refund your money proportionally. You can change plans or cancel your subscription at any time

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if payment fails?
Please refresh and wait for a few seconds. If no result is displayed, contact customer service.
How to view the order information?
Please log in to Portal Address to view the order detail and download the invoice.
How to activate the authorization code?
Copy the Authorization Code and go to the Moredeal-License page to match sites.
How to download moredeal plugin?
Click the link for detailed steps to download the plug-in :Dowload
If you have any downloading and installation problems, you can also contact our customer service for help.
How many sites can be used simultaneously?
Moredeal offers 1 site, 5 site and 20 site packages. Please see the price list for details.
What makes us different from other plug-ins?
We have strategic recommendations to make it easy to find selected products, and we have a strong database.

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