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The Complete Guide: How to Use Moredeal AI Writer

    Moredeal AI Writer – the revolutionary automatic blog writing tool designed specifically for WordPress. With a wide range of features, Moredeal AI Writer simplifies the process of creating blog content, making it easier and faster than ever before. In this detailed guide, we’ll take a closer look at the tool’s core functionalities, which are divided into three main areas: the query section, image generation, and blog generation. Additionally, we’ll explore the tool’s template marketplace, where users can upload and sell their own templates, earning a profit for every purchase made. Let’s dive in and explore how Moredeal AI Writer can help you save time and effort while producing high-quality blog content.

    1. How to Use ‘Text’

    (1) Select ‘Generate Text’
    (2) Enter the Prompt
    (3) Click ‘Generate’
    (4) You Can Edit the Prompt and Add the Variables In the Setting

    2. How to Use ‘Image’

    (1) Select ‘Generated Images’
    (2) Select the Size and Number of the Picture, Edit the Prompt
    (3) Click ‘Generated Images’ and Save Images
    (4) If You Want to Edit the Prompt and Add Variables, You Can Click the Setting and Enter the Variables

    3. How to Use ‘Article’

    (1) Select ‘Generated Article’
    (2) Enter the Topic, Select the Language and Writting Style
    (3) Select the Number of Sections and Content Paragraphs
    (4) Click ‘All Execution’
    (5) Click ‘Create Post’
    (6) Publish the Article

    (7) If You Are Not Satisfied With Some Content, You Can Use Our Writing Copilot To Rewriter It

    (8) You can Also Edit the Prompt in the Setting

    4. How to Download Template

    (1) If You Need More Professional Query, You can Use Our Template Market
    (2) Select the Template You Need to Download
    (3) Find the Download Templete
    (4) Enter the Variables and Click ‘Query / Prompt’
    (5) You can Also Click the Setting to Edit the Prompt and Variables

    5. How to Create Template

    (1) Select ‘Generate Text’
    (2) Click the Setting in the Top Right Corner
    (3) Enter the Prompt and Write the Prompt Hint ‘[Target Keyword]’
    (4) Add the Variables for [Target Keyword]
    (5) Edit ‘Variable 0’, Enter the Prompt Hint ‘Target Keyword’ in Lable and Field, Click to Copy the Code and ‘Save’
    (6) Insert the Code to Replace the [Target Keyword] and Click ‘Save’
    (7) Enter the Target Keyword and Click ‘Query/Prompt’
    (8) Enter the ‘Template Name’, ‘Category’, ‘Tag’ and Click ‘Save’
    (9) You Will Find the Template in ‘My Template’

    6. How to Upload Template

    (1) Select the Template You Created In ‘My Template’
    (2) Click ‘Advanced’ and Click ‘Upload Template’
    (3) Enter the Topic and Click ‘Generate Example’
    (4) Click ‘Confirm’ and Wait for Review
    (5) When the Review is Complete, You Will See It in the Template Market

    In conclusion, Moredeal AI Writer is a powerful tool that streamlines the process of creating blog content, making it faster and easier than ever before. With its advanced query section, image generation capabilities, and efficient blog generation feature, users can create high-quality content in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the template marketplace allows users to monetize their own templates, making it a great option for bloggers and content creators looking to earn a profit from their work. Overall, Moredeal AI Writer is a must-have tool for anyone looking to create engaging and informative blog content quickly and efficiently. Try it out for yourself today and experience the benefits firsthand!